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There are times when life can be particularly challenging and ordinary ways of coping are not working anymore.


In these circumstances, exploring your thoughts and feelings within the safety of a psychotherapy relationship can help you identify unhelpful patterns of thoughts and behaviours, understand how they originate and what sustains them, and to experience different ways of thinking and feeling in order to discover new ways of responding to the challenges and opportunities of your life.



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My trainings and clinical experience across two different cultures have given me special understanding and insights into issues of cultural diversity and contexts.

Everyone is unique.

In oder to address different needs, I offer a range of psychoanalytically informed therapies and specific cognitive behavioural therapy and techniques, to adult individuals and couples in English and Italian.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy is a therapy which provides an effective treatment for a wide range of psychological issues and promotes long lasting change.
It originates from Psychoanalysis and focuses on the importance of the unconscious mind and of early life experiences in determining the way that we relate to others and live our lives.

Mentalization Based Therapy is an applied psychoanalytically-oriented modality based in substantial research. It is an evidence based psychological therapy originally developed for borderline personality disorder (BPD) now applied also in a number of different groups, for example with families and adolescents.

Relationship Therapy can be helpful to both individuals and couples to explore and understand what lies behind their current problems in the light of past and present life experiences. This awareness can help enhance communication and intimacy, address current challenges and promote change.

Psychosexual Therapy
When working with individuals or couples presenting issues related to sex, intimacy or desire, I employ an integrated biopsychosocial approach. This means that where appropriate, specific treatment programmes integrating cognitive behavioural therapy and techniques may be offered alongside the talking therapy. In case of painful intercourse, erectile dysfunctions, premature or delayed ejaculation, difficulty in achieving orgasm, loss of desire, and compulsive sexual behaviours for instance, a varied or more structured programme of interventions can help improve physical and emotional intimacy.


Issues I can help with include:

Anxiety and Depression
Cancer and Chronic Health Conditions
Relationships and interpersonal problems
Psychosexual issues (intimacy, desire, compulsive use of porn or sexual behaviors, arousal disorders)
Psychosomatic illnesses and medically unexplained symptoms
Career, Work- related stress and bullying
Bereavement and life crisis
Low Self-esteem
Eating Disorders
Student Counselling

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